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Creating a Document Category

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Hi SDNers,

We are running ECC 6.0/Funds Management with Former Budgeting.

When running FMMC to close Earmarked Funds, the program results in a short dump. When run in dialog mode, the following error message is displayed:

Document Type 11 is not defined for document category 001.

The procedure recommends going to Funds Management Customizing to define a document type for document category 001. When I go to the IMG, there is not an option for doc. catg. 001 and it will not let me create it.

I have two questions, if the document type is not defined for the document category, how can earmarked funds posting reflect this? Table KBLK shows the document type 11 assigned to document category 001.

The second question is how does one create a document category, so that Doc. Types can be assigned?




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It sounds like you may have some kind of data inconsistency with this document. The earmarked funds document categories are not configurable. They are defined with the domain FMRE_BLTYP. The valid values are:

002 Funds transfer

020 Funds Block

030 Funds reservation

040 Funds precommitment

050 Funds commitment

060 Forecast of revenue

I would look in table TKBBA and see what category your document type 11 is tied to. If it's not 001 (which I highly doubt it is), then your data in KBLK is incorrect.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks Todd, the Doc Types are tied to Doc Category 50... Now, I just need to figure out how 001 is being assigned to these documents.