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SAP ECTR E07777 - Upload error: Could not upload file

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Hey all,

a CAD User has currently problems with checkin.
The error seems to me like it can't reach the SAP Server.

But there was something I noticed. The small Assembly hes a size of 9MB. After I cloned it, it has just 120KB size.
So I'm note sure, is it the server that can't be reached or is the problem the size? Sometimes we checkin files with a size of over 30MB and that still works but maybe there is some garbage left on the Document?

When a User tried to checkin a 500MB file (thats clearly to big for the server) it rans in a E07777 but Timeout Error. This time a server is mentioned at the end of the block.

Someone experienced something similar to this or even same?

Thanks in Advance!

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Answers (1)

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You have to check the log files, there should be more detailed info about the issue.

Maybe this page helps:

Best regards,