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Report Shipping - RCVDEVEN

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Hi Experts,

Can any one explain more abt the Program RCVDEVEN,

1.Authorization check or Event handler ?

2.How this helps in report shipping process,

3.where exactly this program triggers

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Srinivas,

SAP EHS report shipping is triggered by RCVDEVEN .In the initial phase of report ,it will be in created or released status . state.Program RCVDDISP will trigger RCVDEVEN and the further report progress starts.Once the program start running then it will pass through bundled,packaged stages .Normally these programs run in back ground automatically once shipping start and you need not run them.If u want to run manually ,go to SE38 and run these manually.

You can check the WW1 monitor for the progress of report.

check this link



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Hello Srinivas

The Report RCVDEVEN processes shipping orders generated manually or automatically. It requires a event to trigger SAP_START_EHS_RDO_EVENTHANDLER. It is actual Report Shipping program. Whenever Reporting shipping is started (with RCVDDISP or RCVDRFSH), RCVDEVEN is started Asynchronously. It Checks, Bundles and Generates the report. It again can trigger further events for WWI Dispatcher and Workprocessors.

Please check SAP Note - 1096697 - EH&S report shipping. Which gives you complete Customization and also pictorial explanation of Report Shipping process.



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Dear Both,

Thanks a lot for the information

Best Regards


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Hello Jayakumar,

Really good answer and your information saved my time a lot.

the SAP Note 1096697 is really good document for report shipping and converting to PDF also.



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