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Product Costing

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Hi All,

1-Please guide how to allocate manufacturing overhead VARIANCES to copa.

-2 how to transfer interplant margin to copa (business calling it intercompnay margin..

currently pulling IC margin from PPV.

3- site manufacturing overhead and central manufacturing overhead -

How to transfer it to copa seperately.. since business wants 2 separate fields

a) site manufacturing overhead excluding depreciation

b) central manufacturing overhead excluding depreciation

kindly help.

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ajay.maheshwari Sir, i have been following your comments n solutions on all co-pc and copa issues so far. Kindly help in this scenario.

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djanapin please guide

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Hi, Akriti!

Hope the following blogs could help you land to your requirement:

For #2, you may need to talk to your client to ask if they are not eliminating the IC margin and hence no need to distribute to CO-PA characteristics.

For #3, ask the client if they have any basis to allocate OH from a single cost accumulator and eventually distribute to CO-PA characteristics. If they have, you may consider using the KEU5 (CO-PA assessment cycle).


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For ic margin they want a seperate line in copa reports.

So hotw to populate IC margin to copa

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