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As my regular readers are aware, I have been excited about SAP GRC 10.0 since before it even went into ramp up, so I was very glad I was able to attend a web cast where Michaela Zwinakis discussed new functionality and the near term (1 to 3 years) roadmap. Keeping in mind that the roadmap is planned functionality that is subject to change at any time and without a specific timetable or committed delivery date, it was still exciting to learn where SAP is planning on taking this solution.

Some recently released new functionality brings mobility to SAP GRC. I must admit that, finally, I am jealous of colleagues with an iPhone! If you are an iPhone user, the Mobile Access Approver application is available in the SAP Apple store and in the Service Marketplace. Michaela stated that there is sample data loaded, so you can try it out even before connecting it to your SAP landscape. I can't comment on it further since I don't have an iPhone, but I am very excited for SAP customers who do. I think this is a big step forward for the Access Control solution. Users of the Blackberry Play Book can find a policy and survey management mobile application specific to your device as well.

I must confess to a little private laugh when Michaela stated that they were "surprised at how well the move back to ABAP had been received." My loyal readers will recall that this is one of the points that I was most excited about as GRC 10 entered into ramp up. From my personal experiences as an SAP customer at my previous job and my experiences with clients and other customers via ASUG, I was firmly convinced that this would be a hugely favorable feature and convincing selling point for upgrading.

So what planned functionality is on the 1 to 3 year horizon? Some of the coming functionality that sounded promising to me included enhanced access request form customization via a dynamic layout, which would enable the request form to be more easily adapted to different SAP solutions within the landscape, and role discovery and optimization to simplify the provisioning process. I remember spending a lot of time in manual research to identify roles that were not being used. Extending the mobile functionality to the Android platform is also in the roadmap (hurray!), and further extensions to Blackberry devices are also in the plan.

Cross system and large volume monitoring via HANA is another exciting feature that I will be looking forward to seeing at some point in the future. Going forward, Michaela stated that the 10.1 extension is being planned at this point for Q1 2013, and we can look forward to quarterly support packs delivering innovations faster. As long as the quality is up to the standards we have all come to expect from SAP, quicker roll-out of new features sounds very exciting indeed.

I would like to thank Michaela for so graciously allowing me to share some of her news and share my personal opinions on it here.