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This document is a collection of the most useful SAP GRC Access Control documents, blogs, resources, links, etc. here in SCN.



Getting Started with SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions (GRC)

GRC Processes, Lifecycles and Responsibilities

GRC Systems Compatibility

FAQ related to GRC Access Control 10.x Installation, Upgrade and Compatibility - Governance, Risk a...

Customer Influence - SAP Access Control 2015



General opinion and thought-leadership

Are you ready to implement GRC 10?

A lot of help from my friends

If I had it to do all over: looking back on GRC 10 projects

Lessons learned from SAP GRC projects

Remediating Access Control SoD Risks

Internal Controls - a step towards strong controls

Defining Mitigating Controls / Compensating Controls

IT Control Testing - SOX Compliance

A #GRC tool is just part of the solution

It’s Just a Few GRC Ideas….Place



GRC General

Helpful transactions, tools, programs, tables, etc. for a SAP GRC Consultant

NWBC screen layout options for GRC

Customizing NWBC for New Menus with our own Transactions, Reports and Accessing SAP Backend Systems ...

Configure LaunchPad for Menus

Customizing Access request and approval screens in GRC Access Control

Issues, Bugs in GRC SP13 - Related Fixes

General tips to help in troubleshooting scenarios

Access Control Debugging tips

SAP GRC AC 10.1 - Enhancements

How to delete roles, mitigation controls, users, and other informations from one connector



Product Support

GRC Product Support Monthly Newsletter

GRC Weekly News - Governance, Risk and Compliance - SCN Wiki

Top Ten - 2015 - Governance, Risk and Compliance - SCN Wiki


HR Triggers

Understanding HR Triggers in Access Control 10.0 - Governance, Risk and Compliance - SCN Wiki

GRC 10.0 - HR Trigger configuration - Governance, Risk and Compliance - SCN Wiki

Example of decision table for GRC 10 HR Trigger rule, using BRF+ tool

GRC Access Control - Compliant User Provisioning: HR Triggers


Debugging HR Trigger - Simulation

Debugging HR Trigger - PA40 changes to infotypes



MSMP Workflows

AC 10.0 - Customizing Workflows for Access Management

MSMP - Multi Step Multi Process – GRC’s answer to Workflow Configuration Flexibility

Escalation only on workdays in the MSMP workflow



BRF+ Configuration

Determining the Logic behind Decision Tables




Configuring LDAP Connector in Compliant User Provisioning of GRC Access Control

LDAP Group parameter mapping.. what does it mean?

Connecting SAP GRC AC 10.X to Microsoft Active Directory

GRC 10.x and LDAP management

GRC 10.x and LDAP management 2.



Mobile Apps in SAP GRC

Administrator guides for Access Approver, Policy Survey, etc.

Fiori apps in GRC – Install two applications in 5 easy steps



Access Control with Identity Management (IdM)

SAP BusinessObjects GRC 10.0 Integration Guide – Access Control 10.0 and NetWeaver Identity Manageme...

SAP Access Control 10.0 Interface for Identity Management




How to Assign SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Authorizations via the SAP Governance, Risk, a...



Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

ARA - For the new kid on the block

Rule set - Rules & Rule Types

Business Risks / Rule Set

Download, Modify and Upload the Access Risk Analysis Rule Set in SAP Access Control 10.x.

How to set up a Configurable Business Rule

Online vs. Offline Risk Analysis

Creation of Mitigation Controls in GRC 10.0

Organizational Rules in GRC Access Control

Mass change of Mitigation Assignments

SAP GRC AC 10.0 Alerting

The Action Usage Sync job in technical details - GRC Access Control 10.0

The Repository - GRC Access Control 10.0 



Access Request Management (ARM)

ARM - For the new kid on the block

AC10.0/10.1: Create Rule Based on Risk Violation in Request, Using BRF+ Procedure Calls

Approve/Reject Own Requests

How to Change Subject Line in SAP GRC Email notification

Recommendations for using Business roles provisioning in access request

Configure Manager Look-Up in ARM for GRC 10

Role Search Screen Enhancement – GRC 10

Terminate Account - Request Process - GRC 10

Creating Access Request: Template Based Requests and Configuring End User Personalization forms for ...

GRC Request with both System and Role Line Items

Access Control 10 (ARM) – Risk Analysis Report Type is editable in Access Request.

Access Control: - Create Access Request Using Web Service in GRC10

Design Considerations to reduce Password Self Service (PSS) Intruder Risk

User Access Review(UAR) Workflow Configuration and Description - Governance, Risk and Compliance - ...

Direct vs. Indirect Role Assignment

EUP - Common Issues and Solutions, Important tables and takeaways

PSS - Common Issues and Solutions, Important Take Aways

SNC Name in Access Request



Business Role Management (BRM)

BRM - For the new kid on the block

Maintain Default Roles in BRM GRC AC 10.1

Role Import - GRC 10

Import Role from ECC to GRC system

Business Roles concept and usability in GRC AC10

Enabling Business Role updates to existing assigned users

BRM Default Approvers via Condition Groups

BRM Role Methodology via Condition Groups



Emergency Access Management (EAM)

EAM - For the new kid on the block

Usage of EAM

EAM - Provisioning Strategies

EAM Utilisation and Log Review Process 

ID-Based Firefighting vs. Role-Based Firefighting

AC 10.0 - Centralized Emergency Access

Configure Emergency Access (EAM) in GRC 10

De-centralized EAM GRC 10.0

EAM - Approve through Wrokflow

Emergency Access Management Reporting

Analysis and Recommended Settings of the Security Audit Log (SM19 / SM20)

EAM: Requesting emergency access via access request workflow in SAP GRC - step by step.



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