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In my last Blog post (you can find it here), I wrote about the BAdIs that CDOTE has to offer. Today I want to talk about the not so obvious enhancement option that CDOTE has. Namely the definition of own FIX Processing Classes and also point out some helpful APIs.


Although I covered how this can be achieved in a blog that I published three years ago here.
What might not be clear from that is that it is not just about manipulating specific fields of the FIX message, but instead you can completely tailor the FIX message processing to the needs of the FIX protocol version/dialect used by your FIX Engine and to the processing needs that you have due to your business case.

For example, you could create your own subclass of CL_CMMFDAI_FIXMSG_BUILDER and redefine method ADD_FIX_BODY to completely alter the structure of the outgoing FIX Message. Adding / Deleting as many tags as you like.

Another example would be to create a subclass of CL_CMMFDAI_FIX_MSG_PROCESSOR and redefine method DO_FILL_UPLOAD. With that you can alter the conditions when and how a Fill should be created based on a received FIX statement.

It would even be worth a try to use this mechanism in case you want to use another protocol that is not FIX.

That flexibility gives you a lot of potential to adapt CDOTE to really cater your needs when it comes to FIX processing. You could also use it to add additional information to Fills. But for that you would also need to enhance the BOPF objects, which is unfortunately deactivated for all CDOTE nodes.


Besides that, you for sure also have the option to use the APIs that are defined by CDOTE and used by for example the Fiori Apps.

Just some examples:

In case the Upload Format for Fills does not suit your needs: Create your own Format, map it to the format defined by table type CMMFDOF_T_FILL and call AIF. Such a call could look like:
/aif/cl_enabler_xml=>transfer_to_aif_mult( it_any_structure = lt_fill_data ).


You do not like one of the Apps or the Order Creation Process within the Apps does not cater your requirements? Or do you already have a Front Office Tool in place and want to integrate it to CDOTE?

In both cases you can use the Services provided by CDOTE and use them as the basis of your integration / own developed App.

The Service names for that are (Gateway Project names are the same, just without the “_SRV”):



  • CMMFDOF_FILL_PACKET_SRV – For Fill Packet Handling

  • CMMFDOF_ORDER_FILL_SRV – For Fill Handling