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We have reached the second anniversary of introducing the Price Calculation service for SAP Subscription Billing, entering a new era of pricing. This revolutionary capability has redefined our subscription billing offerings, paving the way for a richer set of features and functions.

Over the two years since its launch, the new pricing based on pricing schemes has seen constant refinement, aligning it more closely with market dynamics and customer expectations. In the meantime, it is more than just about replacing the traditional pricing; it's about revolutionizing it. The new pricing capability has proved to be a game-changer by offering increased flexibility, customization, and accuracy.

Most of our customers have already adopted our new pricing, recognizing its numerous benefits. Nevertheless, we would like to encourage all remaining customers to migrate. While this pricing capability features many advantages, the most compelling reason for adoption is that we are fully invested in enhancing its functionality. Future enhancements in our roadmap will be designed based on pricing capabilities provided by Price Calculation. Therefore, to leverage improvements and value additions that are in the pipeline, adopting pricing schemes is the way forward with SAP Subscription Billing.

The transformative powers of the Price Calculation service for SAP Subscription Billing become apparent when we take a look at the capabilities we've added over the past two years to the initial scope of our new pricing. These include:

  • Highly customizable pricing tables, enabling the implementation of many pricing models: one-time, recurring, tier and volume pricing, discounts, promo codes, range and time-dependent prices, and so on.
  • Customer and subscription specific prices
  • Algorithmic pricing based on decision trees.
  • Orchestration of several price computation one pricing scheme, creating a list of pricing logics to execute in a specific order, and configuring dependencies between the different computation steps.
  • Individual pricing of usage records.

Every capability listed above has enriched the SAP Subscription Billing experience for our customers, delivering tailored solutions for individual needs and goals.
If you're looking for more information about the new pricing capability, we have numerous resources available for you. These resources provide a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of our pricing based on pricing schemes, ensuring you're well-informed to make the best decision for your business:

As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to the future with optimism and excitement. Our commitment is to continuously refine, innovate, and elevate the pricing based on Price Calculation service following your business needs. We invite you to be part of the drive to innovation, superior functionality, and enhanced user experience. Thank you for being an integral part of this transformative journey.

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