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Validations in FI-AP

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I want to prevent an invoice or downpayment being posted for a specific vendor group, how do i achieve with validations, I have never done validations, can i get setps and syntax associated with it.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To make this, you can write the validation as below:-

Step 1:-

Create a message ID via transaction code SE91 for message class /EACC/MSG/ACC_COMP. The message text should be which you want to display to the user.

Step 2:-

Go to transaction GGB0 and create the validation step at line item level in Financial Accounting as below:-

Pre Requisits:-

If Posting Key is '31' or '25'


Create a exit code using user exit and check for the account group of the vendor

For this take the help of ABAPer and create a copy of the program RGGBR000 and code your check here and assign to the application area GBLR in view V_T80D via transaction code SM30.


Message created in step 1 as error message.

Step 3:-

Please also check that this validation has active status (Status=1) at line item level for your company code in transaction OB28.



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Thank you sir.I will work accoridngly

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