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SD Dcouments

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Hi Guys.

I am new to SD and am looking for SAP training material. Would be gratefull if any one could mail me a copy.

Also does any one have any idea about the market in USA.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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whats ur e.mail.

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My E-mail is

Thanks for your help.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Mumtaz Ali,

A small search on SDN SD forum will help you to answer your query.

I will suggest you to visit

It will give you the overview of SAP SD module.

SAP Certification Exam

My SAP SD Certification Experience

Sample Questions and Answers SAP SD Exam

SAP SD Questions and Answers

SD Questions on Corporate Structure

Short SAP SD Questions 1

Short SAP SD Questions 2

Short SAP SD Questions 3

Interview Questions

Important Tips for Interview for SAP SD

SAP SD Interview Questions

Interview Question and Answers on SAP SD

Some SAP SD Interview Questions 1

Some SAP SD Interview Questions 2

Tables/Tcodes in SAP SD

Important Tables for SAP SD

SAP SD Transaction codes List

Task Specifc SD Transaction Codes 1

Task Specifc SD Transaction Codes 2

SAP SD TCodes For India

SD Frequently Asked Question

Sales and Distribution FAQ

Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI

Why Do We Assign Division to Sales Organisation

Sales Order

Duplicate customer purchase order

Default First Date is not Today

Auto proposed all the dates when creating Sales Order

Define Material used at which Sales and Distri. Process

Assign a Cost Center manually in a SO (VBAK-KOSTL)

Transfer of Requirements

Define Tax Determination Rules

Taxation Explain with an example

Return material From customer

SAP SD: Scheduling Agreement Vs Contract

Sales BOM Implementation

How to Know that Sales BOM is working or not?

Sales Order Mass Change

Release strategy for Sales order

How to do rebate processing

Rebate Process with Ref. to SO

Consignment Sales Process in SAP

Issue free goods to selected Customers

Supressing Fields in Sale Order

Some Light on Batch Determination

Diff. between Item Proposal and Material Determination

Steps for SD Variant Configuration

Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales

Configure Intercompany Stock Transport Order

Number Ranges In Sales Order

What is Debit note and Credit note

SAP SD CIN Configuration

Moreover there is a separate section of FAQs with answers which will help you in great deal.

Hope this helps you.

Do award points if you found them useful.



P.S. you can send me a mail at my mail id for any specific details

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<a href="">SAP SD</a>

<a href="">SAP Library PDF</a>

<a href="">SAP E BOOKS</a>[url=]SAP TUTORIAL[/url]

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Hi. Shehagiri.

I am looking more for like Pdf that also contain excercise, like the one that SAP normally gives out.