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SAP B1 - Dcoument numbering with a prefix

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SAP B1 9.2 PL7

I have setup a numbering series with a prefix(SO) for Sales Orders. Is it possible to get this to appear on screen when looking at a list of documents? Users can have the same number for different documents & I'm looking to show SO in front of sales orders. Is this possible?

I've attached a screenshot showing my setup & where I'm looking to add the 'SO' in front of the number.

Thanks, Eoin


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Prefix are used in printing of documents.

You can show prefix on sales order document using development/udf.

and as in your case from the image, on the top right corner you can always categories the document, so when sales order is selected the results showed are only sales order document and nothing more so there is no chance of numbering duplication.


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Much appreciate the reply.

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