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MIRO Accounting Dcoument issue_20042016

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Hi All,

We are getting wrong postings in MIRO A/c document. Let me explain step by step

Sub contract Po created for 2 line items:

1. 2500 QTY Net price 10.12 USD (25,300.00 ZPB0 Condition type)

2. 1500 QTY Net price 10.14 USD (15,210.00 ZPB0 Condition type)

GRN has been posted for 2 line items

1. 2050 QTY Net price 10.12 USD. Need to post value as  20746 USD but posted as 17,650.50

2. 1480 QTY Net price 10.14 USD. Need to post value as  15007.20 USD but posted as 13,408.80

Attached document herewith of GRN.

MIRO has posted mentioned below


31    KBS 1105          35,753.20-

86    WRX 21750105 17,650.50

86    FRL 85510311   3,095.50

86    WRX 21750105  13,408.80

86    FRL 85510311   1,598.40

Line item 1: Here GRN 17,650.50 but MIRO Posted 17,650.50+3,095.50 (20746)

Line item 2: Here GRN13,408.80  but MIRO Posted 13,408.80+1,598.40(15007.20)

Accounting document attached herewith.

Help me on this.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Natesh,

Here system has splitted the cost as material cost + sub contracting charges. In the sub.contract PO you have defined BOM, here you have maintained the material components used for the sub contracting. For that system has posted with transaction keys BSX & BSV and for sub contracting charges it has posted with the key FRL.



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Hi All,

Can any one update please.


Natesh Kumar

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Hi Natesh

The Sub-Con charges posted during MIGO are 17650 and 13408 (In WRX). These two are reversed during MIRO and posted to Vendor

however, in addition, there are two more FRL items in MIRO, which means someone has manually entered some amount in MIRO or you are doing MIRO for full Quantity of the PO.. This seems unusual to me that you have FRL again during MIRO..

Please re-check what you are doing

Ajay M