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MRP run externally procured items.

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Dear Gurus,

I have a requirement where i am maintaining stock of a particular material which contains a number of components. This material is externally procured(F). The components of the material are also being issued individually from stock..(the material is a packet of oil seals of different sizes). My requirement is that when the components are issued, in the next mrp run the system generates pr's for the missing components in the pack. But procurement is done at header level.

Kindly help me out with the issue.



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Answers (2)

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If you are concern with the No. of oil seals one packet contains then

you can define conversion factor in header level material


1 Packet = 100 nos or Each

then you can have flexibility to issue oil seals in numbers until 100 nos are well as you can issue whole 'Packet' also.

Again procure material externally in packets so that you can have 100 again in the stock.

If you are concern with size wise stock then need to think in different direction.

I think you should go with quantity only (i.e.not with sizes) as material seems not so much costly.



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Hi Anand,

If procurement is being done on Header level then what is the purpose to maintain it's components ?

I think in your case, while MRP is run on Header material, BOM is exploded and PR is generated for Material.

Try MRP run by making "BOM Status" = 2 (Inactive)

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Procurement is done at header level but from stock i am issuing the components seperately as and when required. Hence i need to maintain stocks at component level, but when i am procuring the material, i want to procure at header level as i want to buy the entire packet of seals..

Kindly advise,