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How to get supplier files automatically in edoc_cockpit?

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We have implemented the configuration in sap ecc for supplier invoice country poland. We are able to get the edocument files manually via tcode EDOC_INBOUND_MSG from ksef portal in edoc_cockpit.

However we want to automate the process to get the file in edoc_cockpit and submit it.

We have implemented badi EDOC_INCOM_CONNECTOR and maintained tables EDOINCOMSOLV and EDOINCOMSOLDEFV and add the same in filter of Bapi.

But still we are not able to get the files automatically? Is there some step which is missing or we need to add some code in badi

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This does not seem to have anything to do with Cloud Connector, does it? Looks like a pure application level question to me, not like a question about network technology. Removing the tag for now.

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