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Exchange rate error

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I have a multi currency vendor for which I have created a GRPO with the currency set as USD (the LC and SC is CAD) at an exchange rate of 1.1. The document is dated the 1st of May, I then open an AP Invoice and select the supplier and went to <Copy from> that GRPO, the wizard opened and asked me if I would like to use either the base document exchange rate or todays rate, I selected the base document exchange. As that the exchange rate on May 4th is 1.3. Every time I do this I get a B1 error stating:

Base document exchange rate cannot be used the rows will be updated using the target document exchange rate.

This I do not want to do because it causes an issue with my inventory valuation, what is going on?

thx Richard

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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You can refer to Note No. 703028 and 1026976 regarding the issue mentioned by you in the thread.

Hope it helps.

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