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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The SAP Mobile Asset Management team is pleased to share details of the latest release of SAP Maintenance Assistant, version 2402, the mobile maintenance execution solution for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Our newest update elevates the user experience with intuitive navigation tools, with quick actions and simplified document management directly from the main interface, along with improved data sorting and filtering options. On the backend, we've added a feature to track and monitor activity history, plus the application now offers extension points, enabling customizations to optimize your workflow.

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Features delivered in the 2402 release

User experience improvements

Quick action buttons

The updated user interface introduces critical action buttons that are strategically positioned at the top of detail pages. These context-aware buttons are adjusted based on the specific context, ensuring relevant actions are prominently available. Users experience a more intuitive interface that minimizes unnecessary navigation and reduces the number of clicks required to perform essential tasks.

One especially useful action lets users download all attached documents with one action. The button appears on all object detail pages with attached documents.


List page filtering improvements

Across the application, list pages now include the intuitive filter feedback bar, offering users a convenient way to manage filters. Positioned above the object list, this horizontal scroll area hosts interactive chips that display applied filters and available options.

These quick filters empower users with one-click sorting and filtering, allowing for swift application of multiple filters simultaneously. This capability enhances usability by streamlining the process of refining and narrowing down extensive lists to precisely desired subsets of data.

Side menu navigation

The side navigation menu, accessible via the menu icon, undergoes a subtle yet impactful enhancement. Previously restricted to the home page, the menu icon is now conveniently accessible across all sections of the app, ensuring effortless navigation from anywhere within the interface.

The update also introduces additional quick actions conveniently positioned at the top of the menu for easier access to essential pages without requiring extensive navigation.

Customization and reporting features

Extensibility options

Maintenance process and practices can vary across businesses and industries, and the ability to customize the mobile application can boost worker efficiency with a more specialized and intuitive mobile workflow.

The latest release exposes extension points through drag-and-drop features in the Mobile Development Kit (MDK) for SAP Business Application Studio (BAS), the application can be extended to include additional controls, data, and queries, and modify existing ones related to the side menu, list, and details pages.


Mobile Transaction History

The Mobile Transaction History introduces essential tracking for mobile-based changes via the Mobile Administration Overview (MAO) for SAP Maintenance Assistant Fiori launchpad. This functionality offers a comprehensive overview of successful CREATE and UPDATE transactions, detailing the user and timestamp for each action.

Monitoring mobile-based changes will be useful for customers seeking visibility into mobile-centric operations and a significant asset in understanding mobile-driven operational dynamics.

Reports generated from this feature can be exported, providing users the convenience of utilizing this data beyond the system for additional analysis or archival purposes.


Release available now

SAP Maintenance Assistant is available now. The application is publicly available and includes an offline demo mode for viewing and testing the functionality. The application may be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Submit innovation requests

We encourage you to visit the SAP Mobile Service and Asset Management Customer Influence portal to submit improvement requests. Use the SAP Maintenance Assistant for S/4HANA Public Cloud category to properly direct your request.


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