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In this article, we'll look at how to identify dormant projects from timesheets where no time entries have been made in the previous several months. The readers of this blog will be Professional Services clients who use the Project Management module in their business operations.

Professional services offer numerous opportunities to manage numerous possible projects that are carried out concurrently by various businesses, organisational units, groups, and project managers. When managing a big number of activities and team members, we occasionally risk losing track of crucial projects. How can this problem be solved so that you can start timesheet booking for the projects that are temporarily inactive?

As a result, the system is left with lot of inactive projects and team members may not be sufficiently motivated, which has a negative impact on the revenue and billing of the business.

We need the below tools, before you begin to solve the above challenges.


  1. Report access "Project Time Recordings" and "Project Performance - Overview"

  2. SAP Business ByDesign Excel Add-in

  3. Microsoft Excel

Structure of this blog:

  1. Creating new selection and view in the "Project Time Recordings" report

  2. Create new view in "Project Performance - Overview" report

  3. Import the 2 Reports Using SAP Business ByDesign Excel Add-in

  4. Applying Excel Formulas


Step1: Creating new selection and view in the "Project Time Recordings" report

 Create selection based on the time limitation required for you using "Provision Date" field

Create Selection In SAP Business ByDesign Report


Create View based on the required fields, Here I am using Project ID is Key field to find the solutions.

Creating View in SAP Business ByDesign Report

Step2: Create new view in "Project Performance - Overview" report

The new view created with fields illustrated. You can add fields as per your needs.


You can apply selection if you want. Example: Company wise etc.,

Create View in Project Performance Report in SAP Business ByDesign

Step 3: Import the 2 Reports Using SAP Business ByDesign Excel Add-in

Open Excel > Click SAP Addin > Click "Insert Report" icon >

Find and Select the Report > Click Insert Report button from popup >

Click SAP Addin "Show/Hide" icon to choose the right View and Selection from the right side pop-up.

Insert Project Time Recording Report


Insert Project Performance Overview Report

Step 4: Applying Excel Formulas

We are going to use If formula and vlookup formula to find the booking and non bookings from the Project reports.

In the sheet1, Name the Column F2 Cell as "Last 365Days Booking Status"

Copy Paste the below formula in F3 Cell and drag the formula to all the cells in F column.

=IF(A3<>"",IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A3,Sheet2!A:C,3,FALSE)),"Not Booked","Booked"),"")

If needed, use excel Conditional Formatting to mark the colours

The results could be like this,

Result to find inactive projects based on timesheet recording


Concluding this blog with the following takeaways for your customers' businesses.

Report Benefits:

  1. Management and project managers can keep track of dormant projects for a considerable amount of time.

  2. Project managers are able to make wise decisions on those idle projects. able to close the projects and resume

  3. Reduces the amount of unnecessary data in the system while improving project status in project management

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  • Images are captured from reference system with dummy test data and images are free to use.

  • The SAP Business ByDesign excel add-in is free tool available for SAP ByDesign subscribed clients, partners and consultants only.

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