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Hello All,

This Blog will show how to delete a IM program from SAP, this might require during testing or if any IM programs created incorrectly.

Use the T code: IMR3

Provide the IM program and approval year.

Keep the check box on Test run and click on execute button.


Fig 1: Initial Screen


Fig 2: Initial Screen filled with IM program and Approval year

If any errors or warning messages can be analyzed before deleting.


Fig 3: Output with warning message

This indicates there few measures like WBS, orders etc has been assigned to the IM nodes. Before deleting appropriate action can be taken or else can override and delete.

Now, remove the test run and click on the execute.


Fig 4: Initial screen removed the Check box on Test run.


Fig 5: Output screen, deleted the IM program.

Investment program has been deleted.

Now cross check existence of IM program and respective approval year in IM03 or IM23.


Fig 6: Display Investment Program initial screen

So, We have deleted IM program XXX and approval year 2025 using IMR3 t code.

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