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Some Doubts on SAP Sizing.

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Hi Experts,

I am doing sizing for SAP SRM 7.02 server for 25 users concurrent users.

I have entered the following details in the quicksizer tool. I have entered 25 in Medium activity users.

Following results are displayed.



So please tell me the inputs are correct in quicksizer or not? correct me if I am wrong.

In the result it shows 2000 SAPS (Total CPU requirement in SAPS), so please let me know what 2000 SAPS is?

In next screen it shows 500 DB SAPS, here also I am confused.

Please anyone explain me the result, I am newbie in quicksizer and need your help.



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Hello Amit,

there is no right or wrong input in Quick Sizer. It must reflect the business of your company, You have entered 25 medium activity users. This means that these concurrently active users are working with a think time of 60 seconds. Does it make sense? In parallel you could also enter the throughput questionaire. Basically, you have to enter the number of SRM orders that are being processed in a defined period of time.

Of course it's sometimes difficult to find accurate numbers. But you have to come up with some good assumptions and ask the right people in the company (not only IT department but also someone from the application team). It's absultely crucial to work hand in hand with the right people.

Please have also a look into our sizing materials at where sizing problems are being discussed and where you find pretty good sizing materials.

SAPS is a hardware-independent unit which describes the power of the hardware:

Once you have figured out the SAPS requirements you can have a look at --> two-tier benchmarks to find sample configurations which fits to your sizing result.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,