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Ever since I watched the LEGO Movie, its soundtrack "Everything Is AWESOME!!!" has been playing in my head over and over (if not, click the link to make it stuck in your head too). The storyline of this movie showed me one simple truth: not everything is awesome; however, the main character, Emmet (the person in orange safety vest above) turned this "not-so-awesome" world into a better one at the end.

Similar to the LEGO world, sometimes at SAP not everything is awesome, but SAP is not afraid of admitting that. On my first day at SAP in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, I was terrified because people speak in a foreign language that I could not understand. "...We are AGS PE NA team and we work closely with SSDs. We offer MaxAttention and ActiveEmbedded and we help setting up events like FKOM, SAPPHIRE NOW, ASUG......" They lost me right at the beginning. By the time I told them that I have no SAP background to understand this alphabet soup, they smiled and seemed calm as if they were just like me long ago, and said "Oh don't worry, we've invented a new language here, called SAPanese, hahaha....". Then they patiently explained to me what those crazy acronyms mean. In the meantime, they asked me for some education on social media in return. That's about when I started to love this place. My SAP colleagues are not arrogant by showing off how awesome SAP is or how awesome they are, which they totally could have! Instead, we help each other to grow and to be better.

In terms of being better, Active Global Support (AGS) offers elite support services to our valuable customers. We keep the "not everything is awesome" slogan in our mind (all the time), so we can innovate nonstop and provide the best support possible for our customers. Among AGS support offerings, there are Premium Engagements, which include SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveEmbedded. They are the fanciest ones of them all (not just because of their fancy names)- they ensure our customers have 24/7 seamless assistance and smoother deployment processes. AGS makes sure you run SAP software and your business better and faster. We keep our ears open to every customers' feedback, because every opinion counts. When it comes to customer issues, "not everything is awesome" is not an excuse for us to rest on our laurels. In SAP world, we do our best to satisfy our customers, and there is always room to improve.

On SAP customer, H.D. Smith, a billion dollar pharmaceutical distributor in Springfield, Illinois, was looking for a platform for growth. Hear about how the SAP MaxAttention team worked with H.D. Smith to help them run efficiently.

Henry Dale Smith, Jr., the Chairman and CEO at H.D. Smith, describes SAP system as "bulletproof" in the video. A bulletproof system is awesome and we are proud of what we do, but we can do even better! Maintaining a system with fewer security issues, less down time, less frustration and complaints from company users and their IT department, is our basic goal, not to mention understanding our customers' needs here in Active Global Support. When Emmet in the LEGO Movie tried to save the world from evils, he didn't think of saving the world and being an awesome hero, he only thought about how to make people he cares about happy and make their lives better. And that's the same question we ask ourselves constantly here at SAP Active Global Support: what can we do to make SAP better for you, our valued customers?