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Joshua Bell is a well known Grammy Award winning American guitarist. As a part of the an experiment, the Washington Post newspaper did this

The video is also present here

Symphony whether free or paid should have same effect. Unfortunately as this experiment demonstrates , often the things that are free in life are ignored.

So why I did share this ? I remember the incident from last year's SAP Inside Track. somnath.manna shared an interesting story. The day before the SIT , Bangalore , the no. of confirmations were so high that when he came the following morning he found room would be insufficient to accommodate all the participants. But as things stand , not every one turned up(as expected) and event went to on smoothly.

SITs are like Joshua Bell playing free guitar at a busy railway station and often witnesses lesser attendance and more drop-outs after confirmations. In an informal event, it is easier to network with participants , you can have better offline discussions and exchange business cards ,as the agenda is built to facilitate that.It is a platform to learn , share and network. And the no. of participants is less hence you get more air time with like minded participants.Also last year just by participating, I won a SAP Press book, this year it could be you.

You can choose to ignore them at your own free will or you can grab this opportunity.