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HI SAPians,

I am so happy to write my first Blog in the SCN , that too in SCN beta. I just want to share my own experience in SCN beta.its amazing and very interesting in scn beta. Especially i like many options they are "FORUM FINDER","SCN SITE INDEX","DISCUSSIONS",  "COMMUNICATONS", " LIKE BUTTON", "YOUR HISTORY" and "BOOK MARKS".

The idea to initiate me to write this blog for to show case how SCN beta is user friendly than Old SDN, i have seen many threads and and many queries about user friendly of SCN beta.I am going to list some of the new features in SCN which i liked most and hope fully you also feel the same.

SCN site index is a place where you can get all forums with Index specified.

Discussions(FORUMS),Apart from new attractive look , now it has Like and Book mark option.Similarly social networks with current trend LIKE concept is good.We can use this option to like the answers , for the different question , suggestions.it will encourage the SCNian .

Book mark option to follow the selected thread for clarifications and to know  answer for  the thread.The helpful and solved answers  are in different colours, it makes us to find the exact answers, instaed of reading the entire thread to save time.

The next feature which i like most is combining Blogs , Discussions ,Documents(articles) in a single page for a particular topic.For example, if i want to search some thing on ABAP dictionary, Threads, blogs and articles were at different plcaes but now in SCN beta all ABAP Dictionary related topice comes under in a single page for better search .

Create option in the first page, with this option itself we can create everything(BLOG,Discussion,Document) there itself instead of navigating to concerned pages.easy and user friendly.

Communications is more intresting options, which gives updates for the answers  of other users for the thread which you have answered.with this we can follow/get other users answers and suggestions.