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UPDATED: Food for Points

It's been a long time in the process and final decisions have been made and the verdicts are in and the result is, the milestone t-shirts are coming to an end.  We love the fact that everyone wants a t-shirt and that many sent photos of themselves wearing the t-shirts however with continued problems with shipping to certain parts of the world and some people simply not satisfied with receiving such a great gift to begin with we have done something I don't think has ever been done before we decided to cancel the t-shirt program.  No, we've not decided to stop acknowledging everyone but rather have opted for something new - I'm not going to share that with you though, you'll have to wait as the t-shirts of various sizes for each level run out we will begin sending out this new item. Now personally I think this new item is much cooler! It's something you can have on you all the time and multiple ones! Oh, and before you ask "NO WE WILL NOT SEND YOU  PREVIOUS ONES, ONLY THE NEXT ONE WHEN IT COMES TIME and since we might still have your t-shirt size it might take longer". Now some of the reasons we chose to do this are because not everyone wants a t-shirt or not everyone wants to wear one and quite frankly sending things to India resulted in more often than not it being lost by the Indian Postal System (someone please help them organize themselves), sending to Israel was a problem because a Hebrew tag had to be added, sending to some Middle East countries were a problem because of customs and textiles. Oh and not to mention sending within the EU was a nightmare due to customs.  So we will continue to acknowledge you in the Contributor's Corner and we will continue acknowledgment for each level. You still have the chance to be acknowledged for being one of the top 3 in each major area as well as being part of the top 10 for the year - you still will get your prize and certificates for those things as well as your pin at TechEd.  Wow, I didn't realize how much we actually do acknowledge everyone and that is not even including the various Contributor Spotlights. So it seems a little bit of a waste to add this next bit, but since we've already decided on it a few months back I guess I still need to reveal it to everyone. Milestones (starting August 1, 2007)

  • 250

  • 500

  • 1000

  • 2000

  • 3000

  • 4000

  • 5000

Those are the new milestones with the new **************, then we have:

  • 10000 - Special Jacket

  • 20000 - Special Fleece Jacket

  • 30000 - Messenger Bag

  • 50000 - TBD

  • 75000 - TBD

  • 100000 - TBD

Also not to forget but you also have a chance based on your points for free access or discounted access to TechEd, SDN Day and other events.  You all are making out like bandits here!