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We're starting a project and are reaching out for help...

The quick and dirty: Corporate utility costs eat away at profits while also creating an ever growing carbon footprint. We want to find innovative ways to reclaim that profit, while reducing carbon emissions, and simultaneously promote the MolsonCoors brand as socially responsible.

Project description: If it wasn’t clear from the ‘Quick and Dirty’ - what we are trying to achieve is: lower MolsonCoors environmental footprint by implementing renewable energy/energy saving technology into existing infrastructure of the company and use SAP predictive and analytic software to track our initiatives initial performance. So far we’ve come up with a few different approaches on which sectors of the company we want to innovate or pursue:

     -Shipping and logistics

    -General offices

     -MolsonCoors promotional events (Powered by the Sun Parties - would be great as a marketing campaign)

    -Brewing process/manufacturing

    … and so on…

What we’re looking for:

-What we are currently seeking is design thinking coaches to help us model our situation and help get a better understanding of problem solving, unorthodox approaches and overall insight.

-Any overall insight from industry professionals. If you work as an environmental consultant or you’re a professional in solar or renewable energy we would love to hear your insight into the topic and challenges we may face!

-Those who see where energy is being wasted and used in a wasteful manner. Do you work in an office? - Perfect! You probably see the problem areas day to day of where your energy is being wasted and can provide great vision into our project!

The end goal: Of course following through and getting an actual solar/wind project underway at MolsonCoors would be absolutely incredible - but maybe too optimistic for our time constraints. Gaining enough insight and expertise to create a predictive model on the impact that a renewable energy project would have on the company is the next best option. Results and findings throughout our initiative will be monitored to create an inside track event at MolsonCoors in Montreal (tentative) where we will pitch our project outline along with the impact it will have.

Thank you for taking the time to read our initiative pitch and we hope you take the time to provide your input!

dahnpratt - Student SAP Mentor 2015

sam.alexander -  Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentors - alexp, jim.spath