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First of all, thank you to susan.keohan to nominate me. To find this chain back here is awesome. I have to say my very first blog here around was about my personla way to get here. So this time I will dig a little more what happened to me because of.



I'm a developer based here



Lower Franconia, more precise "Schweinfurt" -- yes it could be pig-town 🙂

but it the name comes from ford..

Datei:Ford Motor Company Logo.svg


not the car manufacture.. ford the river

File:Cart crossing ford on River Irfon south of Beulah - geograph.org.uk - 157280.jpg


but that's just a side note.

As you can read here: first blog is how I joined the SAP-World and my first try to write a blog.


What has happened?

When starting blogging and answering questions I had a little more time because of just having a longtime relationship, which ended with a wedding. I'm a lucky guy 🙂

Today I have 2 kids (3 and half a year) and a house which means, I have to also spend some time not here around. My professional work is still the same and I have finished several projects and atm I'm in the middle of a new one.

More interesting is the fact that I love the direction SAP made with it's tools. I'm a big fan of eclipse and I love to dig into new areas I don't know anything about. Next stop will be workflows. Never touched it but think that there are a lot possibilities which will make my life as developer a little easier. Ok. it's not brand new, but is used massive with S/4 and now it got my attention.

Fun Fact

I'm owning a collection of chainsaws because I want to be prepared when the zombies knock on our door...


not really, but for a reason I cannot explain I like chainsaws. So I have 5 and one which will be the 6th when I'm finished.

(not possible to rotate it...)

And I have a two month learning goal. Every two month I pick another topic and grab information about it. After two month I decide to stay again with it or leave it behind. It's not limited to SAP-Topics but have to say 50% are at least hitting SAP-Software in a way.

Ok, so now to the fun part of the challenge.. here are my answers:

How did you get started blogging on the SAP Community?

I started blogging on the SAP Community because of Susan and Tammy. HAve a look at the linked blog above. They gave me motivation and the feeling to be part and I even haven't met personally I really feel like those as good old friends.

Next to it I gained so much knowledge before starting that I felt like it's time to give something back to the people who are helping me even without knowing me. So I started first to like blogs and liked answers. Then I also thought it could be a very good method to challenge myself and gain knowledge. When answer questions I prove my knowledge and improve it when there are things added. So a win win for both. Someone will solve a problem and I gain knowledge. Fun to see today when I find an answer of my own especially while developing SAPSCRIPT.. yes... there are still those forms around.


If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?

I would be an beaver. These animals are multitalents and combine a lot of interests I have.Build awesome dam. Can cut trees easily ( I need a chainsaw), they take care about their family.. also the extended one. And they can swim all the day. Something I really want to do more again.

Biber, Teich, Tierwelt, Aquatischen, Niedlich, Natur


Das Beaver Dam, Nahaufnahme, Hirsch Rock Lake, Ontario


Have you ever walked barefoot over Legos?  If so, what did you do for the pain (remember, this is a G-rated platform, so no swearing).

Yes, several times when it was dark and my son did not finish his construction side... the rest of the story is covered until we meet in person and you ask me about it. No matter who, I will not hide anything then.


I nominate matt.fraser , accmarinapontjakova and nabheetscn .

MY questions for you are:

What's your favorite Show (no matter if on TV/Musical/or something else)?

Hanging around the community, how much time do spend with SAP-community? No matter if on- or offline.

And because I'm doing it at the moment, what do you think about IKEA-manuals?


It's fair to answer my own questions so here are my answers:
What's your favorite Show (no matter if on TV/Musical/or something else)?

I don't have anyone at the moment. That's why I'm asking 🙂
Hanging around the community, how much time do spend with SAP-community? No matter if on- or offline.

I would suggest that I spend at least a hour a day around here. At the moment I read and like a lot more than write. But that depends just on the fact, that I have a new topic I first have to gain some knowledge.
And because I'm doing it at the moment, what do you think about IKEA-manuals?

Fun to read, sometimes not to understand and asking myself why IKEA doesn't have a virtual building app... They got everything as pictures, should be easy to make a animation out of it.


So thank you for reading through the whole story and feel free to comment and ask whatever you want... except the lego story. You need to meet me in person 🙂