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YYYYMMDD to YYYY-MM-DD in Custom CDS-View App Cloud

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I want to compare an entered date from a business object I created with a date from the CDS-View field "I_MaterialStockTimeSeries.EndDate" as an expression based filter.

_YY1_X.DatumVerschiebung =_I_MaterialStockTimeSeries( P_StartDate: 20230501, P_EndDate: 20230601, P_PeriodType: 'D' ).EndDate

When I try to do this, I get the following error:

Both fields have the DATS(8) data type.

However, the field "DatumVerschiebung" is displayed in the preview as YYYYMMDD.

The field "EndDate" as YYYY-MM-DD.

I wrote these attempts to match the data type to each other:

cast( substring( cast( _I_MaterialStockTimeSeries( P_StartDate: 20230501, P_EndDate: 20230601, P_PeriodType: 'D' ).EndDate as abap.char(10) ), 1, 8 ) as abap.dats)


cast( _I_MaterialStockTimeSeries( P_StartDate: 20230501,

P_EndDate: 20230531, P_PeriodType: 'D' ).EndDate as ABAP.DATS )

It always comes up with the same error: "Datatypes DATS and DATS are compatible, but their lengths 000008 and 000010 differ"

I have now tried to convert the "DatumVerschiebung" field to YYYY-MM-DD, however I have not found a solution that works in the "Calculation" function.

I only found information on how to do it in the ADT tools, but not in the Custom CDS Views app without ADT.

thank you in advance!


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Try to convert end date in char datype and see

cast (EndDate as abap.char(10)) as edate

Thank you