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Where is the relation between sent Idoc and Receiver Determination?

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In the Configurationtime i have created an IDoc to Soap Scenario (without using party's).

It works.

When I send a IDoc in R3 System to PI the IDoc goes to the right communication channel in the sceanrio.

But which I want to understand is, where is the relation between the sent Idoc to the right scenario ?

In the Receiver Determination i have set the name of the inbound message interface, but where i can find the relation between the sent IDoc an this Receiverdetermination? Where is this specified?

By sending of this IDoc I don't give the name of the inbound message interface, only the portnames and profile names, nothing else.

Thanx in Advance

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In addition to the whatever Rajeev and Raja explained, When Idoc reaches to PI, in its control segment it will b having the Logical System name of the sender system


PI deals with the systems using the Business System/Service. In SLD when u create the business system, u have to maintain its Logical System name. Business System's logical system info will be retrieved from SLD when the Business system is imported in ID. Using that info, PI will retrieve the Business System name from Logical System name in Idoc header.

To check the logical system name maintained for any business system name

Open the business system -> Go to Menu Communication Component -> Adapter Specific Identifier.

Once you have the Business System for sender is identified for the idoc and idoc type....both the info will be used to determine the receiver determination.

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When IDoc reachs PI, in receiver determination step you have specified sender details like your bussiness system name , IDoc name and name space, for this you have configured receiver .

So Receiver determination step wil identify the receiver for IDoc, after interface detrmination step you wll specify the SOAP inbound interface name and ampping between IDoc and SOAP inbound interface,so this step will have the realtion.



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when u send IDOC from r/3 to PI, then in PI ur r/3 system idoc are taken as sender information, then the reciever is seen from receiver detemination, then how to transform this source to target inbound msg is seen from interface determination which has the interface mapping calling the msg mapping, then source is transformed to target msg......