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Using Reports in WD4A

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Hello again.

I have a question regarding the use of existing reports in a WD4A application.

I managed it to show the result of a report in an IFrame. This only works with Reports that produce Abaplist which I convert to HTML.

But I also want to use Reports/Querries that produce ALV as result. Is there a way to get the result into the WDA ALV component? Or maybe an easy way to plug existing reports into a WD4A component?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can convert reports to WD4A applications. But there is no easy plu-in for this.

To achive this, you first have to either create a function module with the whole logic of your report or write the whole logic in the methods in WD4A application.

You can provide select-options and parameters also in the screen.

You need not to convert to HTML in order to show it in the WD4A application.

You can even show ALV reports in WD4A.

There are plenty of demo programs available in the ECC systems.

Check the below links for more information about WD4A.




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Hi Ramakrishna.

Thanks for the answer. But in fact I do not want to rewrite reports. I just want to call standard SAP reports or querries via submit and display the result in WD4A app. This is not a problem when the result of the report is abaplist. But I do not know how to handle reports with ALV as output.



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