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Transport protocol version for File adapter

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I got scenario, where i need to update FTP port and FTP host for a PI interface for dynamic IP. so i have used WSDL API and created a Service Consumer from enterprise services. I have used 2 methods from that interface and created a port via SOA MANAGER for connectivity

1) READ - where i had passed Party ID, COMPONENT_ID,CHANNEL_ID for a response, then I had passed my response to 2nd method.

2) CHANGE - Here i passed READ Method response in input parameter and i got a response for Change method with an error.

system is asking for an empty tag. I had tried XML extended handling, i can't mapped it from PI as this is a standard API. <TransportProtocolVersion> this is an empty tag which we need to pass to method 'CHANGE' request or input parameter. TransportProtocolVersion - this is a mandatory field on API side so we need to send this as an empty tag. but sap does not allow to send it , so I can't send an empty tag.

tried above link but still facing the same issue.

so Kindly suggest me


DIbya Darshan

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