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Product and Topic Expert


As spring season arrived, we find ourselves already immersed in Q2 2024. So let´s pause for a moment to explore the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) innovations we had released in the first quarter of 2024.

Take a break and enjoy reading the blog for a closer look on the Q1 2024 highlights of our recent deliveries and an outlook of what´s up next on the SAP BTP product roadmap.

SAP BTP Innovation Highlights Q1 2024

Application Development and Automation:

  • At TechEd 2023 in November we announced SAP Build Code. Excited to share that SAP Build Code is generally available to all developers. With the help of our copilot Joule, SAP Build Code provides AI-based code generation, optimized for Java and JavaScript application development. It is providing a turn-key environment for coding, testing, integrations, and application lifecycle management. Tailored for SAP development, SAP Build Code utilizes the favorite SAP programming models and frameworks and enables to seamlessly connect to S/4HANA and other applications with pre-built integrations. The guided development experience helps as well using best practices. ​In addition SAP Build Code encourages fusion development to use a mix of traditional coding and low-code development. Excited to try out the SAP Build Code offering? Check out the blog post of @bhagat_nainani to get more information on features, test drive tutorial, developer quotes and many more.
  • SAP Build Process Automation got a new governance capability within the Control Tower: Environments. An Environment, is a virtual space within your SAP Build Process Automation subscription where you can run and deploy projects.  It includes triggers and workflow definitions, as well as resources such as Agents producing automation jobs and workflow instances. In the default environment, users can access artifacts based on their security level. Creating shared environments to increase the security of deployed projects and the corresponding artifacts and resources is also possible. Check out more on Environments in the blog post of @Alex-Fortin.
  • And one more highlight on the datacenter side for SAP Build Process Automation: Switzerland (Zurich) Azure EU Access is available since mid of Q1 as a new region running on Azure for use with enterprise accounts. 


  • With Q1 the Advanced Event Mesh adapter with Cloud Integration capability within SAP Integration Suite got available. It enables developers to exchange events and messages with SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh brokers. Receive messages from queues or topic subscriptions in brokers of SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh through the AdvancedEventMesh receiver adapter or send messages to queues or topics in brokers of SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh through the AdvancedEventMesh sender adapter is now possible. Check out the new sender and receiver adapter. 
  • With Q1 the creation of custom service-oriented architecture (SOA) messages using WSDL got released. It is an extension of mapping functionalities within the Integration Advisor capability of SAP Integration Suite and offers supports the WSDL format as input for custom message definitions and is an option for use in customer-proprietary SOA messages and customer-extended SOA messages. 

Data and Analytics:

  • Combining the power of large language models (LLMs) with company-specific, real-time data and business process know-how, all integrated in the multi-model database? This is now possible with the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine. The vector engine includes key capabilities like similarity search, complex query support, readiness for real-time analysis, vector storage scalability. Adding the vector engine you can recognize that SAP HANA Cloud acts as the default database in SAP’s generative AI solution strategy. Learn more on capabilities, practical use cases, etc. on the announcement post, the blog post of @shabana  and don´t miss to watch the video.
  • And the next availability of some announcements from TechEd 2023: Just Ask -  our next-generation natural language query (NLQ) powered by AI. The user simply types the question in natural language into the search field and receives the required insights. The system generates charts that show the data you asked for, so you can easily understand the data. Just Ask supports SAP Analytics Cloud acquired data models and SAP Datasphere models in its first release. Want to see how simple it is? Watch the video and don´t miss the blog post of @francois_imberton

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Also Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the hottest topics at the moment provides innovation highlights in Q1. Starting with new features for Document Information ExtractionUsers can now combine header fields with different setup types in the same schema, get an improved version of the conversion of country specific unit of measure values into ISO format for invoice documents, extract purchase order numbers that are available on-line item field level from invoice documents and get better models for the extraction of standard document types. 

Cross SAP BTP: 

  • Maybe you have already seen the recent enhancements on contract-to-billing traceability to the SAP BTP Cockpit? The SAP BTP Cockpit comes up with a new "Usage Analytics" page introducing an entirely new user interface and a brand-new look and feel. In addition the "Entitlements" page got enhanced. Incorporating new commercial information and additional capabilities for increased transparency to improve the understanding of entitlments and allowing to take cost-cutting measures, where needed, are just two of them. Check out the blog post of @keren_rotenberg to get more information on the new usage analytics and entitlements pages.
  • Customer have already been waiting for it in the area of Identity and Access Management and in Q1 it got released: The Custom Certificate Authority support for SAP Secure Login Service on AWS. Integration of own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by connecting to a cloud-based private Custom Certificate Authority hosted on AWS to the SAP Secure Login Service is now possible. After successful authentication of the end user, your private CA issues an X.509 certificate. And the SAP Secure Login Service then returns this X.509 certificate to the Secure Login Client on the end user desktop. Read more in the blog post of @Martina_K
  • Last but not least: Enabling the configuration and security analysis (CSA) functionality of SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management for operations to collect a comprehensive set of technical configuration data from Identity Authentication has been relased in Q1. It reduces manual administration efforts for user management and identity provider settings and increase transparency for Identity Authentication security configuration in a central landscape management tool. Read more. 


SAP BTP Innovation Highlights - outlook:

 Please find here my personal innovation highlights outlook coming up:

Check out all upcoming innovations in our SAP Road Map Explorer to learn more.

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