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Scheduling a report for a time frame and x days

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Hi All - We've to schedule a webi report in BusinessObjects 3.1 from 8am to 9pm everyday for x (for now 10 days) number of days. 

We  selected hourly in the recurrence tab under scheduling report and selected a calendar range. 

start time - 8:00 am 11/10/2014

end time - 9.00 pm 11/19/2014

This condition has scheduled the report (via email) every hour.  We need the report emailed from 8.00am to 9.00pm (for the calendar range). Any suggestions how we can get this scheduler running ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Are you running your BO server on Windows? If so, here's a slightly convoluted approach.

In the CMC, create a new File Based Event. Have it point to a file called 1.txt in a UNC / Network location accessible to the Business Objects server account credentials.

Next, create a small batch file along the lines of:

cd <location from above>

del 1.txt

ping -n 61 > nul

type NUL > 1.txt

This deletes the file called 1.txt from the directory, waits for 60 seconds and then creates another file called 1.txt.

Save the batch file and call it something notable.

Next, use Windows scheduler to create a job which will run this batch file every hour for 12 hours (you'll need to add another copy of this task to get your 9pm run):

Finally, modify your report schedule so that it is dependent upon the event you created above. You must have the batch file execute after the report schedule time, as this is how event based scheduling works - the report is primed and waiting for the trigger file. If the file is already there at the report run time, the schedule won't execute, which is why we delete the file and give BOBJ 60 seconds for it to recognise the file is deleted before we create a new copy of it. This creation should trigger the event, which should then trigger the scheduled report.

For example, if your report is scheduled on the hour, have the batch file execute at 2 minutes past the hour.

I can't think of an easier way in 3.x. maybe 4.x has something better in terms of scheduling options?



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..or you could create 13x daily schedules executing in hourly increments, which might be quicker and easier, but maybe not so much of a learning experience.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi ,

You can buy a 3nd Party Scheduling package to do that . Or try the following

Use the option ' After Event'

The 'Event' can by setup by an other job .

In the other Job you can have a Unix steps , and test a date or time via unix commands.

Please flag as helpful / I was right . Thank you .