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SAP Netweaver Gateway or Mobile Workflow.

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Looking at licensing setup and see when licensing SAP mobile you can find SUP, Afaria and SAP Mobile Worlflow.

I was expecting to see SAP Netweaver Gateway - has it been renamed?



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why did you expected to see Gateway there? Gateway is a separate product that can be used by SUP to create mobile applications.

Or to put it more simple: SAP wants to charge you extra money for licenses (in the end the price will be defined by how good you are at closing the deal with SAP sales).


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I expected to see Gateway as I believe it is (can be) buldled with SAP Mobile.  When I seen refreence to Mobile Workflow, I thought that it had been rename.  I do know what Gateway is and versions required.  Just wanted to know what "Mobile Workflow" is.  I know when it comes to Workflow in the mobile context it has nothing to down with the traditional SAP workflow aka SWU3 etc.


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Hello Chris,

"Mobile Workflow" can be a reference to 2 distinct things.

  1. A type of application which can be developped within the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP)
  2. A Sybase product named "Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite 1.2"


Workflow Applications, or Mobile Workflows are applications which run on the Hybrid Web Container (formerly Hybrid Workflow Container) which you can download in Google Play, or App Store: just lookup "Sybase Mobile Workflow".
These are simple-request response applications which can be developed once, and then deployed in any of the supported platforms (iOS, BlackBerry, Androidm Windows Mobile).

For more information check the latest documentation for SUP. (

The "Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite" is a Sybase product which is also referred as Mobile Workflow. This product leverages the Sybase Unwired Platform to mobilize the SAP Workflow. In short, it enables mobile device users to complete SAP Workflow decision steps directly from their mobile device.  please refer to the product documentation at:

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Hi Charles,

NW Gateway essentially sits at a level lower than SUP, in between SUP and your ECC/SRM/CRM box and exposes the data as services to a variety of consumers, one of those being SUP. Keep in mind that in the event you are wanting to build apps (mobile, web or other), you do have the option of not using SUP or one of the other mobile middle platforms and consume the backend data directly through Gateway, however, keep in mind that there are multiple considerations to make and it all depends on the apps needs.

This blog post has a pretty nice picture depicting its role:

Hope this somewhat helps,


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Hi Charles,

Someone from licensing would be the best to answer this (and I would recommend getting in touch with your AE to clarify), although not sure the source of information that you have, following are some good links for SAP Netweaver Gateway with existing presence over the SCN network as well as

For an SCN member's reference:

  • Here is Content and Collaboaration solutions:

  • Here is SCN link to a document giving SAP Netweaver Gateway overview:

  • Here is a direct link to SCN's SAP Netweaver Gateway DEMO system:


  • Here is a direct link to SCN's SAP Netweaver Gateway page:

I hope the above helps someone somewhere!

Best Regards,