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MYINBOX: Issue with user decision task link from MYINBOX

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Dear All,

I am facing below issue in FIORI MY Inbox, the link has ABAP code at the backend from BO-Method.

The task is user decision task and link open from SAP Inbox successfully. However, "Object Link 1" doesn't open.

Can anybody guide how this can be fixed?

I found below similar post however what to mention in SWUVISU in Frontend (Netweaver gateway server) is not mentioned clearly neither in post nor in Note. I will be thankful for kindly guiding further:

Solved: How to open Object Link in Fiori My Inbox - SAP Community




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Please do not post a question about SAP Web sites (community, etc.) if it's not a question about SAP Web sites! You can use Technology Q&A or any groups.

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