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SAP Analytics Cloud - Add more that one linked model



I have defined three models with this logic:

Model 1 = DocsModel with a DocNum column and an ItemCode column

Model 2 = ItemsModel with an ItemCode column and an ItemGroup column (this is the OITB column code)

Model 3 = ItemGroupsModel containing data from the OITB table.

In the dashboard, which is based on Model 1, I created links between Model 1 and Model 2, and between Model 2 and Model3

So far so good, but now on the dashboard I want to use the linked models function to get the Model 3 data because those are what I want to display on the dashboard.

SAC though on the dashboard (based on Model 1) only lets me add Model 2, and I don't have the option to add Model 3 as well.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you very much in advance

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