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RRI - WAD and Graph legend

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hope you will be able to find out what is going on:

I have developped 2 web templates. The first one is the sender and the second one the receiver.

The first one is a cockpit with several graphs attached.

The second one provides details regarding the data coming from the first web template.

My problem is the following: when I use the RRI functions from the graph in itself, it works perfectly whereas when I use them from the legend of the same graph, not all the values are posted to the receiver one.

As a result I do not have a filtered result.

BW Version: 3.0 SP27.

Could anyone help?

Thanks a lot!



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Answers (2)

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If you have more values of legend. It won't display in graph. It is suitable for fewer values. This is "as it" designed. Choose less values for legend or use filters.

if it is useful don't forget to assign points


Senthil Kumar.P

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thanks a lot for your answer.

In fact, the query is already "filtered": there is a TOP 3 condition in it --> as a consequence, the number of legend item is strictly the same as the number of possible values in my chart (hope I correctly understood your answer).

If there is no way to implement a goto function from the legend of a graph, is there any transformation class, which would allow me to customize the legend of my pie in order to remove the goto link?

Thanks a lot once again.


Cyril Naudes.

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For complementary information: the graph is a pie and contains only 3 parts. Each legend item represent one part of the graph.

Thanks a lot for your help.