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Problem with Script Alignment for new printer

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Hi All,

I'm printing SAP checks to LOCAL printer. Currently we are using Dell W5300n to print checks and the printer has a lot of maintenance problems. Therefore we purchase a new printer Dell 3110cn and would like to have it set up to print checks. We would still keep old printer ( Dell W5300n ) for back up.We changed the printer to new as there is some problem with old printer.

Problem is , if we print a check from using old printer, the check alignment is good. But if we print a check from new printer, the check alignment is off.

I'm using DINA4 Page format.

Can you please tell me what is the problem here?



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Answers (3)

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You can adjust the offsets for the printer in SPAD, this is usually a BASIS task. Create a copy of your LOCAL (LOCL?) printer in transaction SPAD, then go to the Output Attributes tab and use the Horizontal and Vertical move fields to adjust the print area. Then use this new printer when printing cheques to the new printer and the old LOCAL printer to print to the old printer.

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Hi Subhashini Kuntala,

For your issue there are few things to check ...

1. We need to find exact Printer (new) drivers which matches exactly the (old) Printer.

2. Is your cheque is in A4 size or Customised size.

3. If it is A4 try to print in Other Printer.

If these senerio's does't work, as a ABAPer You can't do anything else .. So, best to pass this issue to BASIS.

That could resolve your Problem.



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Hi suneel,

I'm using DINA4 Page format. A4 size page format does not suit for my checque printing.

Can you suggest me on how to find out Printer (new) drivers ? I have no clue to figure it out.

And also for my problem Basis is no helpful, as they suggesting to reformat the script in compatible for New printer only. But i would like to use both old and new. Old as a back up.


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Device type i'm using here is SAPWIN : Rel.4.x/SAPlpd 4.09+ only. Assuming this information may be needed to solve my problem.

Host printer : DEFAULT

Host Spool Access method: F: Prinitn on front end.