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Random Database Connection Error

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We have several reports designed in Crystal Reports which have started having randomly issues. The computers that the issues occur on are AZURE joined and running ODBC- 32 SQL Authentication which tests successfully when run through the ODBC Data Source Administrator. The problem we are having appears to have no rhyme or reason. The report will print to screen and printer without issue for several days, or it may only print to the printer but not to screen, and then will start erroring which it may do for a day or more and then ‘fixes’ itself and prints again. The report is called from vb6 code and I am happy to provide all of this detail. The error that is given in the application is: Error Code 440 Database Connection Error. I then put some logging in and it fails at: .item("User ID") = gstrDBUser . The logging code shows that it is being passed the same user as the one setup in the ODBC (startrak) which works. The SQL log has: Login failed for user 'Administrator'. Reason: Could not find a login matching the name provided. [CLIENT:] This is not the user being sent (and validated with the logging) but the user original setup with the reports. Has anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions to fix this? Thanks

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