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Parameters to Web template

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Hi Gurus,

We have a requirement to which goes like this,

The user logs on to the Portal and select a report and enters the input parameters and click Submit. My question here is , How to capture these input parameters from Portal side and pass these values as a input parameters to a web template on to the BI side.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Aby,

Thanks a lot for your inputs.

But the input screen are designed by the Portal team and the selection restrictions are also taken care by the Portals. If the user is allowed to select only the two plants, he will select only those two plants and we need to send these two plants information to the BI Web template as the input.

How can we do this. Please share your thought on this.



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dear Raj,

Any query on the BI side which has variables to accept user inputs can be published on the portal as an ivew from the first menu in the query designer.

This iview can then be assigned to a role in portal. This role will appear as a menu in portal.

When you click on this menu(role) in portal, you can see your query as a link. if u click on this link, you automatically reach to the variable screen which asks for inputs. Give the inputs and execute.

So the only imp thing is publishing as in iview in portal and assigning it to a role with the help of an EP consultant.

hope it helps...

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similarly webtemplates having queries with input variables can also be published directly as an iview from the first menu in Web application designer.

hope it helps..