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numeric overflow in hana calculation view

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Hi Experts

While execution a calculation view I am experiencing one error. the error message is as follows:

Error: [314]: numeric overflow: [6944] AttributeEngine: overflow in numeric calculation;fixed16_35.3 fixed_16(decfloat [here]divide(decfloat times(decfloat decfloat(fixed8_11.2 "COL$8$sum$"), decfloat decfloat(fixed16_35.3 fixed_16(fixed12_18.3 plus(fixed12_18.3 plus(fixed12_17.3 plus(fixed12_16.3 fixed_12(fixed8_15.3 "COL$6$sum$"), fixed12_16.3 fixed_12(fixed8_15.3 "COL$4$sum$")), fixed12_17.3 fixed_12(fixed8_15.3 "COL$5$sum$")), fixed12_18.3 fixed_12(fixed8_15.3 "COL$7$sum$"))))), decfloat decfloat(fixed8_14.3 "_CK0x7fe340dd34d0$sum$"))),(COL$4$sum$ = 0.000[fixed8_15.3], COL$5$sum$ = 0.000[fixed8_15.3], COL$6$sum$ = 0.000[fixed8_15.3], COL$7$sum$ = 140570135346.176[fixed8_15.3] null, COL$8$sum$ = 0.00[fixed8_11.2], _CK0x7fe340dd34d0$sum$ = 0.000[fixed8_14.3]); null at 24, 96: at function __trex_field_Fixed16__()

Proposed Solution: please consider using a data type which supports a larger range

This error is appearing due to one calculated field. The data type for that calculated field is Decimal(38,3) .

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