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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Analytics Cloud brings together analytics and planning with unique integration to SAP applications and seamless access to heterogenous data sources. It helps everyone in your organization make decisions without doubt with trusted insights and integrated plans.

This blog post introduces the features of the SAP Analytics Cloud 2024.07 release available for SAP Analytics Cloud FastTrack customers. For SAP Analytics Cloud Quarterly Release Cycle (QRC) customers, this release and its features will be available as part of the QRC Q2 2024 release. View the QRC release schedule here.


System Administration and Technical Requirements


Although not required, you may upgrade to the latest SAP Analytics Cloud agent version 1.0.399 to take advantage of all data acquisition types.

The agent’s minimum version remains at 1.0.75, with the following exceptions:

  • Version 1.0.99 for SAP ERP/SQL Database
  • Version 1.0.365 for SAP universe (UNX). The SAP Analytics Cloud agent requires additional setup steps, for more details see SAP Note 3262098
  • Version 1.0.353 for SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • Version 1.0.235 for SAP HANA View
  • Version 1.0.248 for File Server

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Regarding supported features and required updates for the integration of SAP BW with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2541557 for further details.

Regarding supported features and required updates for live universe access through SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2771921 for further details.

Please download the latest version of the Simple Deployment Kit from Service Marketplace.

Note: To avoid downloading older versions and potentially exposing users to a vulnerable bundling of the Cloud Connector with SAPJVM, or Apache Tomcat, only the three latest versions of the kits are available to download.

For Cloud agent version change management details, refer to SAP Note 3264839.


Release Highlights

  • Administration and Service Management
    • Enforce Purpose and Grant type by OAuth Client
  • Augmented Analytics
    • Just Ask
      • Just Ask administrators can now assign Labels to searchable models
  • Data Exploration
    • Calculations dialog: Syntax highlighting
    • Filter in the filter line on calculated measures
    • Embedded Dialog Story Filter Panel
    • Builder panel enhancements
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Prompt Enhancements
    • Refresh Selected Functions
  • Story Design
    • Filter by member dialog – improved value selection experience | (SAP Road Map Explorer)
    • Rank with Others for Charts | (SAP Road Map Explorer)
    • Support dynamic font size scaling | (SAP Road Map Explorer)
    • Enable batch export when exporting your story to PDF or PPTX | (SAP Road Map Explorer)
    • Totals as an anchor or operand for client calculations.
    • Numeric Values full precision
    • Warn Customers on Deprecation of Classic Design Experience
  • Story Extensibility
  • Story Presentation


Administration and Service Management


Enforce Purpose and Grant type by OAuth Client

When adding a new OAuth client to a tenant hosted on a non-SAP data center, the dialog now provides separate options for Interactive Access and API Access. The authorization grant type must be configured, and will be enforced by the OAuth client.



Augmented Analytics


Just Ask


Assign Labels to searchable models

Just Ask administrators can now assign Labels to searchable models. In addition to model names, users will be able to see the category, such as marketing, sales, forecasting and more. This additional information will provide users with a more comprehensive overview, making it easier to select the models that best suit their needs.

1_assign label.jpg2_assign label.png


Data Exploration


Calculations dialog: Syntax highlighting

As a user of the Calculated Measures dialog in data analyzer you can now find syntax highlighting in the formula editor. This adds clarity to the formula you create by differentiating objects like measures and functions, etc.

Syntax highlight.png


Filter in the filter line on calculated measures

In data analyzer you can now filter in the filter line on calculated measures you’ve created. After having created the calculated measures, they appear instantly in the list of measure options in the filter line.

calculated values filter.png


Embedded Dialog Story Filter Panel

We have made enhancements to the accessibility, functionality, and layout of the embedded dialog story filter panel.

  • The new UI5 component – Multi Input is used for the multi select. 
  • The single select now appears as editable text in the input field.
  • Variable header title removed as duplication.
  • Error handling added for mandatory variables. Asterisk indicator no longer displayed as header title removed.

embedded varialbles.png


Builder panel enhancements

We’ve made the following builder panel enhancements:

  • The builder panel in table now displays the hierarchy structure (available objects list)
  • The sort context menu in available objects is now available for each individual structure
  • We introduced a splitter in builder panel for user to adjust its panel area

Builder Panel Enhancement.png


Enterprise Planning


Data Actions – Select 'Show Only Leaves' in Tracing table 

When checking data changes in the analytic window during data action tracing, users can now enable ‘Show Only Leaves’ from the context menu of each dimension to show only its leaf members. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

Data Action Tracing - Support the Flat hierarchy view.png


Global Settings for Calendar Notifications

Administrators can now configure which in-app notifications or emails are sent to users who are involved in calendar events. Settings can be defined depending on the users’ roles (owners, assignees/reviewers, or viewers). (SAP Road Map Explorer)

Global Settings for Calendar Notifications.png


Multi Action Predictive step support prediction interval 

In the predictive step of multi actions, when you choose either the Train & Forecast or Apply predictive action, you can now save a prediction interval by choosing a prediction interval minimum and a prediction interval maximum. Using this feature allows you to visualize the prediction quality. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

Save Prediction Interval for Predictive step.png


Dynamic extension of planning area during data entry

When you auto-generate a planning area based on table context, the planning area will now dynamically expand as you work on a version that’s in public edit mode. This will minimize the size of the planning area and only extend it when needed. Additionally, we’ve made an enhancement to allow for undo/redo extension actions in the version management history.

1 Dynamic extension of planning area during data entry.png2 Dynamic extension of planning area during data entry.png


Microsoft Office Integration


SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Excel


Prompt Enhancements

Users can now search for variables in the set variables dialog. Additionally, there are two new settings to specify the display of the variables in the dialog:

  • Show mandatory variables only to show only the variables in the dialog that are mandatory to be set.
  • Show variable technical names to show the technical names / IDs of the variables in the dialog.

This feature is available to all customers as of March 27, 2024.

Prompt Enhancements.png


Refresh Selected Functions

Users now have the option to refresh a subset of the functions available in your workbook. To do so, select the functions you want to refresh and choose Refresh > Refresh Selected Functions in the ribbon.

This feature is available to all customers as of March 27, 2024.

Refresh Selected Functions.png


Story Design


Filter by member dialog – improved value selection experience

The filter by member dialog has been re-designed and provides the following updates: (SAP Road Map Explorer).

User interface enhancements:

  • Improved UI architecture: The UI layout of the member selector provides direct access to the essential actions & settings, such as the search field and the hierarchy selection. Other settings, like read mode or text presentation, have been moved into a settings panel that can be opened on demand. The multi-column presentation of the selectable members allows for better readability.

Filter by member - ui arch.png


  • Increased scrolling: The new member selector implements a lazy loading mechanism based on the UX pattern "infinite scrolling" which applies to the list of selectable members as well as the list of member selections: as you scroll down, members are automatically and continuously loaded at the bottom.

cont scrolling.png


  • Increased flexibility: The dialog box can now be resized, and can be dragged to a different position. The panels are also resizable, and the content of the panels are fully responsive.

flexible layout.png


  • Search hits highlighting: The new member selector bolds each part of a member label that matches the search criteria.

Search enhancement.png

New functional capabilities:

  • Enhanced member exclusion paradigm: The new member selector introduces an advanced paradigm for member exclusion: it allows you to deselect one or more descendants of a selected node. For example, select the country “USA” but explicitly exclude the state “Florida”. This selection is dynamic, which means that if, in the data source, a new state is registered under the country “USA”, it is implicitly part of the selection.

Selection Expressiveness.png

  • Enhanced search capabilities: The new member selector supports the wildcard search, specifically the wildcard character “*” which replaces zero or more characters.

Search enhancement.png

Read more about the improved filter member experience in this blog post by @arnoklein.


Rank with Others for Charts 

We will support an option for the Story Designer and Story Viewer to define a rank with others. It will be supported for: (SAP Road Map Explorer)

  • Charts with Flat Dimension(s)
  • Charts with Measures with Base Aggregation
  • Define a Rank with Others on Multiple Axes

Others can be placed last (Top N) or first (Bottom N):

  • It can be renamed
  • We will NOT allow you to expand the others node or interact with it (i.e. Linked Analysis, Filter, Exclude, and so on)



Support dynamic font size scaling 

As a story designer in Optimized Story Experience, you can select Font Scaling under Tools in the toolbar to set font scale for responsive pages or individual widgets for specific devices, so that the font sizes in your story are dynamically adapted to different devices. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

Support Dynamic Font Size Scaling in Optimized Story.png


Enable batch export when exporting your story to PDF or PPTX

In the optimized story experience, it is now possible to enable batch export when exporting a story to PDF or PPTX, so that the story can be exported based on each selected dimension member filter value. Only dimension filter is supported. And the settings of Batch Export aren't available unless the story has a compatible story filter. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

As a story developer, you can use APIs to configure, enable batch export:

  • Add the settings of Batch Export in both "Export to PDF" and "Export to PowerPoint" technical components in design time;
  • Add APIs for both "Export to PDF" and "Export to PowerPoint" technical components with value helper support to set batch export properties (incl. batch export enablement, story filter selection, filter value selection).

Enable Batch Export When Exporting to PDF or PPTX.png


Allow using Totals as an anchor and operand of FECs

In tables, the designer (and with limitations the viewer) can create client calculations aka frontend calculations (FEC). The new feature allows:

  • Using an existing ‘Totals’ cell as an anchor
  • Using an existing ‘Totals’ cells as an operand in the calculation

This allows for example to calculate fractions one member contributes to totals. In the case of BW comments, it also allows showing the comments on a total value.

Allow using Totals as an anchor and operand of FECs.png


Numeric Values full precision

In the optimized story experience, the displayed numeric values (and decimal places) will be based on the full precision (non-rounded) source value: this improves the precision of planning workflow using these numbers. Some numbers may not be displayed as expected and will require additional formatting.

Client processing is limited to the Java Script standard precision of decimals which is around 15.

Numeric Values full precision.png


Warn Customers on Deprecation of Classic Design Experience

There is now a banner to warn Story and App Designers (it is not exposed in View Mode) that the Classic Experience is going away, and it is recommended to move content to the Optimized Experience.

There will be no impact to existing workflows. Users can still create, edit, duplication, and import Stories and Analytic Applications in the Classic Experience.

1 Warn Customers on Deprecation of Classic Design Experience.png2 Warn Customers on Deprecation of Classic Design Experience.png


Story Extensibility


Composites: Data source Repointing

As a story designer in Optimized Story Experience, after adding a composite to your story, you can replace its model or objects in use without replacing the model, such as dimensions and measures. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

In Story design time, add a Composite data source panel which is opened via a context menu item to: 

  • List all data sources used in this composite widget in tokens
  • Replace or update a specific data source by clicking the token

Composite Data Source Repointing.png


Custom Widget Support for Universal Model

As a story designer in Optimized Story Experience, your custom widget can now consume Universal Account Model. There is support for models with measures and an account dimension, and Model with measures and no account dimension. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

When a model includes both measures and an account dimension, the API DataBinding.getMembers, DataBinding.addMemberToFeed and DataBinding.removeMember functions only apply to the account dimension. Therefore, it's impossible to manipulate measure feeding with the Custom Builder Panel.

Support Universal Account Model in Custom Widget.png


Section Widget Feature Gaps

As a story designer in Optimized Story Experience, you can now use Section widget to improve the layout of your stories and break down your analysis per dimension member.

This closes feature gaps with the classic story. Restrictions in the classic story are still application in the optimized story experience.

Support Section Widget in Optimized Story.png


CSV and Excel Export Support for UQM Table

In the lite viewer of the optimized story experience, in addition to Point of View, you can now select All as the scope to export all the data of a table to an XLSX or CSV file.

LWV - CSV and Excel Export Support for UQM Table.png


Story Presentation


Unified Story Presentation Mode

The Presentation Mode aims to bring the main features that are available with the traditional Digital Boardroom directly into the Optimized Experience. These include: (SAP Road Map Explorer)

  • Import of Story Pages: it allows a Designer to re-use content as their own. There is an option to re-import the page when we detect there has been an update
  • Building a Presentation Structure: it can be flat (by default) or configure a tree structure with Topics and Subtopics
  • Customizing the Presentation Mode Experience: option to configure the Toolbar, Default Viewer, and Navigation Panel State
  • Present Mode: brand new Present Mode with a simplified toolbar (if configured) and side panel navigation

Lite Viewer for Present Mode is supported for Flat Presentations. NOTE the same limitations for Lite Viewer still apply and will cause a re-direct to the Full Viewer.

Learn more about Unified Story Presentation Mode in this blog post by @Tunir.

Story Presentation 1.pngPresentation 2.png


This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Analytics Cloud. You can find more details on these features in your In-App Help Guide for FastTrack customers and see this SAP Knowledge Base Article if you’d like to learn more about FastTrack and Quarterly Release Cycle releases. 

If you have any questions regarding the content in this blog post, you can comment below. If you have product specific or technical questions, post a question to our SAP Analytics Cloud Questions & Answers forum. Visit our SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages to find more product information, best practices, and more. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features of SAP Analytics Cloud.