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Numbers displayed incorrectly

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In CR4E SP 19, 20 and 21 when we run a report that has a column defined as Numeric(5,0) or Decimal(5,0) not all the values are displayed correctly. For example the the value 32768 get displayed as -32768. Value 32769 gets displayed as -32767.

I created a simple table (IBM iSeries DB2 table) to reproduce the issue:


Columns TEST01 and TEST04 have the issues.

I can't seem to find a solution because if I query the data outside of CR using a JDBC driver the data comes back ok.

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I forgot to add a few more details.

Database is a DB2 IBM iSeries v7.1

Using CR4E SP21

Here is a sample generated from Crystal Reports for Eclipse:

Here is the same data queried from Eclipse SQL Results:

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Just another note. I tested this with SP 19 and the issue exists there as well.

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The problem of SAP Note 2105919 is solved with the following patch levels:

Software Component           Support Package   Patch Level

SBOP BI PLATFORM SERVERS 4.1         SP004         7
SBOP BI PLATFORM SERVERS 4.1         SP005         2
SBOP BI PLATFORM SERVERS 4.1         SP006         0
SBOP BI PLATFORM SERVERS 4.2         SP000         0

If your system is at the given patch level or higher, your problem is a new one. My assumption is that the problem is within the Business Objects product, not on IBM i. My proposal is that you open an incident for component BI-RA-CRE at rather than trying to get a solution for this issue through the community.

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We purchased a single case via the SAP store in order to report the incident. But we need an S-User ID and we don't have that. We contacted customer support and they just give us the same link you gave me. How do I get an S-User ID in order to report an incident?


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I am sorry, but I cannot help you with that. Did you try the chat option under If they refer you to a link that does not help, you should insist that they explain you how to obtain the S-user through that link.

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What do you mean by already applied to our system? Are you referring to the IBM iSeries?

We have several servers, IBM iSeries Servers, (running o/s v6.1, v7.1, and v7.2). All of them with the latest and greatest PTF's applied.

This bug was introduced in version 2 of the JRC components. If I use version 1 components the bug is not there.

I am surprised that no one else has complained about this as CR corrupts all values of a 5,0 columns once it hits value 32,768.

We can reproduce this error 100% of the time on any of our servers. This really renders the product useless as we have many tables that have a 5,0 Numeric or 5,0 Decimal column.

Please someone let me know how this can be escalated so that this bug can be patched.

I can provide any examples code, or files needed.


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As a person responsible for the database Db2 for i, I cannot comment on the CR4E view of the problem. It is quite unlikely that the problem resides in the database or the JDBC driver. SAP Note 2105919 ("Custom sql contains sum function return incorrect value in Crystal Reports for Enterprise") described similar issues with numeric values outside the range of -32768 ... 32767. That SAP Note is quite old and the solution is probably applied in your system, but I would nevertheless suggest to open an incident at SAP for component BI-RA-CRE to get a solution.

Kind regards,

Christian Bartels.

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How can I see that note, SAP Note 2105919, to see it's solution?

I am having a tough time navigating around the SAP websites.

Also, please see my posing below. Thanks!

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You can search SAP Note 2105919 through the SAP support portal at or look at it directly at

Please see my posting to your answer below as well.