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multiple source systems to DWC

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Hello All,

I need suggestion on the high level system setup.

We are having BW/4HANA system connected with ECC system. A S/4 HANA system is to be added for one region alone and if successful will replace ECC with S/4 for all regions. The concern we have now is in the S/4 there could be few changes like data flow, hierarchies etc

Where do we integrate the existing BW with the new flow so that new changes has less/no impact. One recommendation is to use DWC to bring data from BW/4 and integrate that with S/4. Is that a good approach? Any other suggestion to have both the flows seamlessly integrate with BW.

Thank you.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It will depend on the complexity of the model.

But normally the BW model will be oriented to analytics, and the data coming from S/4HANA will probably be more in a transactional format, so you will have to transform the latter into an analytical model before you can "join" it to the BW data.

This process of converting transactional to analytical will already be in BW, so it may be easier to do it there with the S/4 data.

But I insist, it will depend on the complexity, if it is a simple model you will be able to integrate it in DWC in a fast way.

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Thank you Xavier.

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