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Lumira Designer - "RFC Function" Error on launch of report

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After our BI platform server is rebooted, users will get an error message when trying to open a Lumira Designer report from our BI Platform. The error states "Requested RFC Function is not available. Reason: [...]"

If I sign on with an Admin ID, I can run the Lumira report with no issue. Then after I signed on and run it, the user is able to open the report with no error. They can continue to access the report until the next time the server is rebooted and then the Admin ID will need to open the report and run it first before they can.

BI 4.3 SP01 patch 6

Lumira Designer 2.4 SP0 patch 2

FYI - this issue occurred for us with 4.2 on Design Studio 1.6. Due to some other items we have to reboot the server more frequently, so this occurs more frequently. I've not been able to find any logs. We tried elevate authorization on the data source.

Any input on what to look for?



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