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Integration Suit - not working

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I subscribed to integration suite in BTP trial account. I did add the build integration scenarios and Manage API to the capabilities. The capabilities got activated. After that I went back to BTP trial account and enabled the active capabilities under boosters -> enable integration suite.

However when I go to application I did not see discover integrations or design / discocer API in the tiles. Did not see any navigation to the discover / design / monitor -> Integrations / API

So to start fresh I tried to delete / unsubscribe.

I could delete the defaut_it-rt_api process integration runtime instance however could not delete the default_it-rt_integration-flow.

It gave ERROR Couldn't delete service instance default_it-rt_integration-flow.

Reasons: The instance has service keys. Please delete them before you proceed to delete the instance.

Then I tried deleting the service key It gave following error

Couldn't delete service key 'defaultKey_67e1ce82-4921-4de7-9446-f5bb8adc195d'. Please view details for more information.

Service broker failed to delete service binding for instance default_it-rt_integration-flow: Service broker error: Service broker it-broker-rt failed with: Error occurred during deletion of binding d59cc589-9607-4f29-9a94-5af4999e8934 of instance 67e1ce82-4921-4de7-9446-f5bb8adc195d

Here nstance 67e1ce82-4921-4de7-9446-f5bb8adc195d is the default_it-rt_integration-flow However I do not know what is


I tried to execute update on instance default_it-rt_integration-flow and it failed saying

Service broker error: Service broker it-broker-rt failed with: UAA clone-instance lookup failed with statuscode: 400

If I tried to delete the subscription it fails saying

Couldn't unsubscribe from Integration Suite. Try again. If the problem persists, please post a question to SAP Community.

Now that multiple things may be broken If I go to application for integration suite I get following error

No client with requested id: sb-it-prov!t55215

I also tried boosters -> enable integration suite -> configure subaccount but it says

SAP Integration Suite application is not subscribed. Please subscribe the application and activate capabilities manually to proceed.

I wold appreciate any help getting the integration suite working on a clean slate



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You can try the below guides to setup without booster option-

Get a Free Account on SAP BTP Trial | Tutorials for SAP Developers

trainer (

If you still have an issue, please check this video - SAP API Management / API Portal Not working - YouTube


Sachin Dhingra

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The solution provided in the video link SAP API Management / API Portal Not working - YouTube worked for me. Unlike in the video, I did not assign all the other API role collections to my user id, I just selected Settings > APIs from the left menu of Integration Suite to complete the API provisioning process. After doing this I had to close the Integration Suite tab and reopen Integration Suite from my trial account to refresh the home page. The "Discover APIs" and "Create APIs" now appear on the Manage APIs tile.