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EP Web Services Checker

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I am getting an error when I click on the "W" icon(get the WSDL content from a URL) in the WS Checker. The WSDL file I am tyring to retrieve is located at

When I click to view the URL, the file displays with no errors. But, when I click the "W" icon, I get the following error:

I did set my proxy settings within SAP Netweaver Developer Studio (2.0.12), and also under the Web Services in the Visual Administrator.

Is there something I am missing? Thanks for your help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Paul, I tried this without any problem. Keep in mind that the error <b></b> means that the host can't be resolved. Have you tried to bypass the resolver, entering the host's IP address directly? In this way:

If it was a proxy misconfiguration, the host would be unreachable. As a consequence you should get a <b> Connection timed out: connect</b> error.

If instead it was the TCP port to be closed, you should get a

<b> Connection refused: connect</b> message.


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