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Data Mismatch

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Dea Experts,

I have a strange problem here. We have an ODS for which data is loaded every day from R/3 to PSA and then to the ODS. The data is then passed on. We found some errors in reports in cube and checked the records. I extracted the erronous invoices from R/3 today and checked them with the ones already in ODS. The ones I extracted now <i>doesnot</i> have "Invoice no."field filled up. But thesame records in ODS <i>have</i>the "Invoice no." filledup. I worked back.I have been to Se16 and searched for the PSA request for the data that was loaded before. I see that in PSA, data that was loaded sometime back, the invoice number field is filled up.

Now my problem is this:

1. In PSA, for the same record(key fields), there are two kinds of records(one with invoice number field filledup and other empty). The data that was loaded sometime back have the invoice number field filledup but empty in the data that was extracted by me to PSA recently.

2. I inquired but the data in R/3 hasn't changed.The log shows nothing.

3. Making things worse, I checked with recent delta(yesterday's). I extracted the same records to PSA and both of them have the invoice number field filled up. The data is extactly same as the data from the recent delta.

So,.......I am really confused what could be the "Ghost cause" for this problem.

I appreciate any kind of advise.

Thank you.

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Hi Visu,

Here are a few checks you can do.

1> Check if any processing for that field in Transfer/Update Rules.

2> Check if there are any Customer Enhancements existing on the R3 side for that DataSource. If yes, see if they are contributing to this problem.

3> If no enhancements done and it's a Standard datasource, check for OSS notes on that.



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Hai Sree Damodararaj,

The data in PSA itself is not matching so.. I don't think it has naything to do with update and transfer rules. There is a user exit that field is not getting filledup there. So I think the only way is to search OSS notes Can you tell me what kind of key words may help? I myself couldnot decide where the problem is!

Anyway thanks.

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If you use a std DS then you can try to find OSS notes puting into a search string the name of the DS and something like "double or incorrect entries".

Best regards,


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This could also be due to the invoices not being saved - open invoices at the time of extraction and it might have led to an empty field in the delta.

But if the Invoice number is a key field in your ODS then you will get the data under unassigned records where the invoive number is not available.