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Custom domain


We are migration customer AS-IS production application which in CF( to TO-BE production environment CF (

In current production env, we have a customer application mapped to two custom domain:

Original application:

Custom domain 1:

Custom domain 2:

Now after we move this application from AS-IS production to TO-BE production, we want to have same custom domains there since those domains already in used.

We are trying setup custom domain in TO-BE production:

  1. For, we have private key and certificate, but we do not have key to upload certificate in TO-BE env, how can we establish key.
  2. For, we have private key, certificate and also the key to upload certificate in AS-IS production, but when we upload certificate use the AS-IS production key, it complain the Key does not exist. how should we manage upload key and certificate, is this possible to move custom domain from one subaccount to another?
  3. Should we use shared custom domain to deal with this situation?

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