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Crystal install on new Server... Reports wont work

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I am in the process of setting up a new web server to upgrade an old slow server.

I have Crystal Reports running on the old server to serve up reports via .asp pages.

The new server is not processing reports as yet and I am trying to find out why. Unfortnately I am neither an expert in .asp or calling crystal reports.

I have tracked the problem down to:

If Not IsObject (oApp) Then

Set oApp = Server.CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application.11")

End If

by putting a Response.End before and after the call to CreateObject after to see at what point the processing fails.

My guess is the installation of Crystal on the server is incorrect.

The installation looks the same as the old server. The version installed is Crystal Reports Profrssional of the designer UI, and when i look within the Licence Manager it looks the same as when run on the old server.

I notice on the old server I have a Crstal Report Application server service ( runs "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\bin\querysrv.exe" -service -name xxx). I do not have this on the new server. I suspect this is related to an older version of Crystal though?

Can anyone tell me how to trouble shoot this further? Am i able to access error codes or anything?

The server is a Wndows 2003 R2 Enterprise Box.

Thanks so much for advice.

I miss the old days before Business Objects and SAP purchased Crystal.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For starters, Crystal Reports Professional is not licensed to be used in application development. Two, Crystal Reports Professional does not install the neccessary dlls in order for you to run any applications, be it asp, jsp or .NET. Three, even if you install Crystal Reports Developer (which is licensed to be used in app development and installs all the CR SDKs) simply installing Crystal Reports Developer on a server, may be breaking licensing agreements - depending on your specific situation. E.g.; you have to ensure that it is a licensed copy and that the copy is not being used on any other computer...

Assuming that the application you are trying to deploy was built using Crystal Reports Developer, your only way of deploying the runtime is to build a deployment package using the CR RDC merge modules. See [this|] wiki for details. This wiki will apply to both web and win apps using the RDC.


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I have checked both of our servers running reports and they don't seem to have Developer installed, only Professional. They work fine. I wasn't involved with their initial set-up though and they may have bits installed differently....

When puchasing it a few years back Aug-2007 we were told that is what we needed, and 4 licences of professional were purchased.

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Well, there would be two possible ways of getting the CR runtime on those servers;

1) Install the CR developer

2) use the RDC merge modules and create a deployment project

If the app was created using Pro, the developer runtime could have been obtained via the merge modules and the app may have been developed with that runtime - definately not within the licensing framework. E.g; unless you have a developer version of CR XI you can not develop or distribute any applications.

Sounds to me like you should find out more about how the app was built, how the runtime was distributed to the working server, what versions of CR you actually do have and the licensing issues need to be also resolved...


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