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Choose from List in a UDO form in SAP B1 Web client

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Hello ,

We have a requirement for one of our addons for SAP B1 as follows.

We have two UDOs. say UDO1 and UDOLookup.

UDO1 is a document type one which has header and line tables.

UDOLookup is a collection of line data which needs to be populated in UDO1 rows data on selection.

At first , we coded a choosefrom list on form load of this UDO1 form and aded event to catch the value and assign that value to UDO1 rows line.

Later this modified like as follows.

Took the content from the "NewFormSrf" field from OUDO table and modified it using SAP Business One studio.Using business One studio added a CFL to the line column of UDO1 form and saved.This modified xml was saved back to "NewFormSrf"field in OUDO table. Then it possible to get the lookup form on the designated line field of UDO1 form.

This works perfectly in SAP B1 desktop client. But when logged in using B1 web client and access the UDO UDO1 in web client, the lookup is not found to be available there? How can we get the choose from list working in the web client same way it works in B1 desktop client?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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