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BSVZ doubt (Urgent)

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Hi all

I have created one workflow for solution manager. In that WF i created CHANGED event in SWEC For BUS2000116.

My. Problem.

I created a support message, after i want to change the status like (assigned or inprocess) in crmd_order T.code. But Whenever i change the status changed event can't triggured. I also configured in BSVZ for user events.

anybody help me

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Answers (2)

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My problem solved. thanks to all

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How do you say that event is not triggered?.

Did you check the event trace using SWEL?.

use SWELD to activate the event trace before using SWEL.

May be the workflow is not started due to the other reasons.

SWETYPV is the tcode used to maintain the WF and Event linkage.

let me know if that helps you.

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Hi karan

I checked in SWEL t.code but not triggured. I changed only in status but event not triggered. But if i change any other like message processor or description, WF triggured. But if i change status only WF not started. i check in SWEL.

I checked in SWETYPV.

in that,

Object type - BUS2000116

Event - Changed

Receiver type - WS90000004

Type linnkage - tick

status - 0 error


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You have to find out how to raise an event. This can be an other event then the one you are looking at, or you have to trigger an event with some code and the FM SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT.



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how can i check SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT function